What is an architectural finish?

Architectural finishes are a self-adhesive surface option for covering existing surfaces within bars, hotels, restaurants, retail and many more commercial spaces.

We can help you transform your decor both inside and out.


Benefits of Architectural Finishes

1: Your personality will shine through

Since our architectural finishes can be applied to virtually any surface – doors, walls, elevators, ceilings, columns, cabinets and millwork to name a few - we can help transform any space. Reception areas to offices, bathrooms to kitchens, we can tailor any room to your own specific preferences.

2: You save time and money

Architectural Finishes produce less waste and require less labour. This ensures less down time during the installation so you, your staff and your business don’t have to suffer through long term renovations.

3: You can be as creative as you want

If you are looking for a bold feature for either your interior or exterior walls, we have plenty of options to choose from. Our architectural films enable you to customise the look and feel of any space allowing your creativity to shine.

See: Replica finishes that are hard to distinguish from the real material

Breathe new life into furniture and interior surfaces.

TOUCH: textures that enhance, uplift and transform interiors.

Wrap any surface virtually anywhere

Feel: Create totally amazing spaces and high quality customer experiences.